Friends: Joey’s 10 Most Iconic Acting Gigs, Ranked

Joey Tribbiani may not have found his “happily ever after” with someone else like the rest of the cast in Friends, but he did become one of the most supportive and lovable characters from the group. When the series aired, Joey was initially cast as the dumb heartthrob. He is portrayed as a ladies man who wins over women with a single question, “How you doin’?” In the pilot episode, when Rachel asks what Joey does for a living, he boasts that he is an actor. Over the 10 seasons of Friends, Joey wavers with how proud he is of his career choice due to rarely landing a stable role. During these times, his friends, especially Chandler, are very supportive of him trying to find his footing in the industry. They never shut him down, nor do they make him feel like a failure regardless of financial issues.


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