New Daredevil: Born Again Set Photos Tease Flashback Scene Involving Young Wilson Fisk

The latest set photos from the highly-anticipated Disney+ series Daredevil: Born Again have given fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from the show. The Born Again storyline, which serves as the inspiration for the new series, finds Daredevil’s secret identity, Matt Murdock, exposed and his life destroyed by his arch-nemesis, Kingpin. While the new series is set to be a successor to the Netflix series, some changes may be made as the characters are integrated into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Vincent D’Onofrio is set to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk, the notorious crime boss known as the Kingpin, while Charlie Cox will return as Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who fights crime at night as Daredevil. Fans of the original series will recall the intense dynamic between these two characters, which is expected to continue in Daredevil: Born Again.


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