‘A League of Their Own’ Season 2 Deserves More Than Four Episodes

Rumors have been swirling lately about the fate of Prime Video’s A League of Their Own as the studio decides the fate of the modest yet beloved series. Earlier this month, information leaked that the series would be returning, but only as a four-episode miniseries that would serve as the ending, half of the first […]

10 Timeless Classics You Didn’t Realize Were Revenge Movies

The revenge movie tag has a way of conjuring up a very specific image and tone in the minds of most moviegoers. Whether they’re action-packed blockbusters or grueling character dramas, audiences tend to envision violent and deadly epics of high stakes and even higher emotions as besmirched anti-heroes track down the callous murderers who took […]

‘Hypnotic’: Release Date, First Look, Cast, and Everything We Know so Far

Ben Affleck is a well-established name in Hollywood, with many wide-ranging roles under his belt. Hence, the film was sure to turn a few heads when a new action thriller was announced with Affleck starring as a skillful detective (it is not Batman, sorry, DCEU fans). From director Robert Rodriguez, Hypnotic is an action thriller […]

Disney World to Host Massive LGBTQ+ Rights Summit

This September, the Walt Disney Corporation is saying gay as they are set to host a massive summit promoting LGBTQ+ rights. The conference will take place in Central Florida and will bring together executives and other professionals from around the world. Per the Tampa Bay Times, the summit is meant to push back against Florida […]

10 Best Movies That Satirize the Digital Age

Technology has taken over the world in ways no one could have imagined. From the internet to smartphones, social media, virtual reality, and online ‘influencers’, all things tech have made their way into everyone’s everyday lives – for better or worse. There are pros and cons to the rise of technology, and the film industry […]

Friends: Joey’s 10 Most Iconic Acting Gigs, Ranked

Joey Tribbiani may not have found his “happily ever after” with someone else like the rest of the cast in Friends, but he did become one of the most supportive and lovable characters from the group. When the series aired, Joey was initially cast as the dumb heartthrob. He is portrayed as a ladies man […]

10 Horror Movies That Launched Major Careers

The horror genre has long been one of the biggest draws for the film industry. Given the inherent flexibility of the genre, a horror movie can be made on a large or small scale, with big name actors or complete unknowns, using expensive CGI, basic practical effects, or simply letting the audience do all the […]

The Oscars (and Industry) Still Has a Long Way to Go Before Being Fully Inclusive

The 2023 Oscars were monumental for a variety of reasons: the smashing success of Everything Everywhere All At Once, which took elevated Asian and Asian-American representation on the screen; the wide variety of Indian representation across a multitude of categories; and how the year evoked Parasite‘s award season, which had taken many by surprise. However, […]

Best Book-to-TV Adaptations

There are hundreds of book adaptations out there, ranging from all sorts of genres and paces — we’ve got romance, fantasy, horror, comedy, and drama, among many others. One can never run out of options on what to watch. But besides movies, there have also been lots of book adaptations on TV throughout the years. […]