Star Trek: 10 Actors Almost Cast in the Franchise

The Star Trek franchise has featured some of the most recognizable names in film and television. Many actors that have gone on to have prolific careers have either gotten their start or made appearances on the monolithic science fiction property, from William Shatner to Sir Patrick Stewart and many, many more. The performances on each […]

10 Animes With Unforgettable Theme Songs

Anime theme songs are a perfect way to set the tone for a series. Whether it’s through metaphoric lyrics or melody characteristics, opening themes reflect traits of characters, storyline, or even visual style. Some songs also allow another way for lovers of various anime to connect as a community as there are many shows which […]

10 Greatest Disney Songs of All Time, According to the Billboard Charts

Disney‘s impressive catalog of iconic and memorable songs, from beloved classics such as When You Wish Upon a Star to modern chart-toppers like Let It Go from Frozen, have captured our imaginations and moved us emotionally. It’s fascinating to see the enduring popularity of Disney’s music, as reflected in the Billboard charts that have been […]

Live By Night: Why Ben Affleck’s Biggest Box Office Bomb Is Actually Great

Early on in his career, Ben Affleck was ceaselessly mocked as being a bad actor based on his performances in disastrous films like Gigli, Daredevil, and Reindeer Games, even if he wasn’t really to blame for their failure. Eventually, Affleck began to get more respect after proving with projects like Hollywooland and The Company Men […]

15 Anime Manga Adaptations That Stayed True to the Source Material

Anime and manga adaptations are immensely popular, especially in recent years, as fans of the original source material eagerly anticipate seeing their favorite stories come to life on screen. However, adaptations often come with the risk of straying too far from the source material, leaving fans disappointed and frustrated.  

How Much Is ‘Scream 6’ Is Expected to Make Opening Weekend

Ghostface may well have been around since the 1990s, but he still knows what it takes to thrill modern audiences if the weekend global box office previews are anything to go by. The latest in the storied horror franchise, Scream VI – released by Paramount and Spyglass Media – looks to be heading towards an […]

‘Drive’ Ending Explained: What Happens to Ryan Gosling’s Driver?

While the films of Nicholas Winding Refn are often divisive among critics and audiences due to their shocking content, his 2011 film Drive has been widely acknowledged as one of the best films of the past several decades. Drive proved that Refn wasn’t just a “style over substance” filmmaker. There’s certainly something inherently exciting about […]

This Coen Brothers’ Movie Is the Closest They’ve Ever Come to Horror

Blood Simple begins with stark photography of remote Texan locales. Moments later, some quasi-philosophical narration enters with a disembodied voice opining that everyone is ultimately out for themselves. The narrator, as the audience soon finds out, is none other than one of the film’s central characters. It’s a bleak but captivating opening to a seriously […]

‘Wrath of Becky’ Trailer: Seann William Scott and Lulu Wilson Face Off

Becky is again rising to be the heroine that defends her family in a new trailer for the upcoming sequel, The Wrath of Becky. Three years have passed since the release of the first film which frankly was underrated and deserved more visibility. In the sequel, Lulu Wilson is back to reprise the titular role […]

Warner Bros. Co-Chair Mike De Luca: Studio Will Not Rush to Prep for WGA Strike

Cinema Ticket

As the WGA overwhelmingly voted to approve its pattern of demands in advance of a possible writers’ strike, Warner Bros. is committed to not putting films into production until they are truly ready — even if the industry careens to a halt. On March 7, the WGA announced that 98.4% of its members voted in […]