20 Famous Movies Filmed in Ireland

Ireland has a rich history as a filming location, dating back to 1910, when The Lad from Old Ireland became the first American film to be shot on location outside of the United States. Since then, hundreds of films, produced both domestically in Ireland and from abroad have utilized the country’s scenic villages, castle ruins, […]

How Tár Both Enhances and Ignores a Real-World Conducting Problem

The highly acclaimed Tár tells the story of a female musical conductor at the height of her career. The titular character, played by Cate Blanchett, is nothing short of complicated. She’s an EGOT, head of the renowned Berlin Philharmonic, wife and mother, a possible sufferer of OCD and misophonia—and, likely, a predator who feeds off […]

Why Superman & Lois Is the Best Modern Version of Superman

Superman & Lois premiered on the CW in 2021 and told the story of Superman (Tyler Hoeclin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) raising their twin sons Jordan and Jonathan Kent in Smallville. The series premiered to rave reviews from fans. While there certainly were questions about the series’ connection to the Arrowverse that would go […]

The Punisher: Everything You Need to Know About the MCU Character

Frank Castle has always been one of the darker characters in the Marvel universe. When his family was murdered for witnessing a mafia deal gone wrong, Frank made a vow to avenge their deaths by waging a one-man war on crime. Becoming known as “The Punisher,” he rose to become one of the most feared […]

Why The Mandalorian has Gone on For Too Long

The Mandalorian has lost the spark it had in its first season. The fans feel it in the storytelling, Disney+ feels their drop in viewers, and Obi-Wan must feel a disturbance in the force. Who ever knew that the problem with the series was that it would become too popular? The thrilling action show that […]

10 Hilarious Movies Starring Family Guy Cast Members

One of the longest-running and most subversively funny animated series of all time, Family Guy introduced audiences to dimwitted Peter Griffin and his family and friends in fictional Quahog, Rhode Island. Premiering in 1999 on Fox, the series has scooped up eight Emmy Awards, run an astonishing 21 seasons, and aired 404 episodes as of […]

Firelight: The Lost First Film of Steven Spielberg, Explained

1964’s Firelight marks the big screen arrival of one of the most momentous directors in film history. Never heard of it? That’s not an accident. Shot around his home in Arizona, the 8mm movie is (or was) a transitional stage in Steven Spielberg’s genesis from daydreaming child to internationally-renowned artist. The special effects, if you […]

A Good Person Review: Superb Leads Rescue Overdramatic Narrative

Zach Braff writes and directs a well-acted but overdramatic story that squeezes your eyeballs like oranges. A Good Person will have audiences crying buckets of tears. Florence Pugh stars as a promising young woman whose life is destroyed by a tragic accident. She descends into painkiller addiction and suicidal thoughts after accidentally killing her beloved […]

Rachel Zegler Is ‘So Proud’ to See Halle Bailey Become The Little Mermaid

The two latest additions to Disney’s family of live-action movie princesses have nothing but love and support for one another. In May, we’ll be seeing Halle Bailey introduced as a new incarnation of Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Meanwhile, Rachel Zegler will play the live-action Snow White when Disney’s remake of […]